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West of the Wood 5E Podcasts: Dragonfly



Dragonfly – Episode #38/

E38/As the heroes explore Evenglow Manor they fall into an underground cavern. Something huge is slithering towards them in the darkness. After leaving the city of Wyld, the party follow the clues to the northern town of Tallen. Once in the Wyldwood they hear of a ghost ship and head to Lake Cydros. Arriving at the lake our heroes find Adoy’s brother tied to the mast and a dracolich circling above!

DM Andrew
The Redeemed are:

Jay plays Darrion, human fighter/warlock

Sarah plays Thorn, high elf paladin

Jeff plays Adoy, gnome mystic

Jen plays Miri, high elf rogue

Shane plays Faug, half-orc barbarian


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West of the Wood 5E Podcasts: Dragon Heist



Dragon Heist #3

E3/An explosion outside Trollskull Manor leaves a great deal of carnage. The party rush into the alley and begin to investigate.

Eventually a number of clues lead the heroes to a large manor. They scale the wall and are attacked by shadows and a devil. Then the party enter the manor and interupt a battle raging throughout the building.

DM Jay

The heroes are:

Andrew plays Harmonica, human rogue

Sarah plays Nazrune, human wizard

Jeff plays Begone, human druid

Jen plays Vana, tiefling bard

Shane plays Zene, wood elf cleric


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Kickstarter is Funded! Coming soon, the RPGenerations: Tabletop Knights comic book!




Thank you to 266 generous backers!

A collection of at least 100 humorous RPG comics from Domenico Neziti! Dom’s comics are always funny and he has great insight into the relationships at the table. Rewards include a 5E adventure and NPC booklet. Stretch goals include a hardcover version, more comics, and custom-made dice from Q-workshop.

Reviews about the project:

NZS Games








CHAPTER ONE – The Departure. Grab your dice and your character sheet! It’s game night!

The Departure

CHAPTER TWO – Already Late. There’s always a player behind schedule!

already late