West of the Wood 5E Podcasts: Everybody Knows/Episode 1



Everybody Knows #1

A new story begins with a group of adventurers hired by the leader of a small village. He’s worried about strange events in his settlement.
Our heroes soon discover odd events and strange behaviours are indeed happening. They begin to explore the village and eventually venture into the Wyrmwood as well.

DM Andrew

The heroes are:
Sarah plays Elmythe, half-elf sorcerer

Jay plays Daisy, human monk

Jeff plays Xander, human artificer

Jen plays Yolanda, human ranger

Shane plays Orello, goliath fighter



What does 5E need? More fey! Monsters of Feyland is now available!


Monsters of Feyland on DriveThruRPG

Video review of Monsters of Feyland by Crafts and Minis

Cawood Publishing presents Monsters of Feyland for 5th Edition! 100 new monsters and more lore about the land of the fey. Featuring the incredible art of Travis Hanson. Now a Copper Bestseller on DriveThruRPG.

Just around the corner… Beyond the stone gate… Through the mirror… Lies Feyland!

This 112-page book includes:

  •  General lore about Feyland
  •  Game Master’s Advice regarding fey
  •  The hierarchy of the Seelie and Unseelie Courts
  •  100 new 5E monsters with individual illustrations, stat blocks, and bios
  •  A large number of fey, including arch fey, and many other types of monsters
  •  Centaurs, Dragons, Giants, Goblins, Lycanthropes, Ogres, Undead, Unicorns, etc.
  •  CRs 1/8 to 25
  •  Encounter Table for Feyland
  •  Fey Flora
Softcover book and PDF versions available. Hardcover version coming soon!

Art by Travis Hanson

Layout and Graphic Art by Jeff Porter

Monsters of Feyland merchandise

Created with the support of hundreds of Kickstarter backers.








West of the Wood 5E Podcasts: Dragon Heist/Episode 7


Dragon Heist #7

Our heroes sneak into the Cassalanter compound and decide to burn it to the ground! However, they are confronted by a number of devils in the courtyard and have to fight their way out.
Later they are given a new quest and enter the immense Undermountain.

DM Jay
The heroes are:

Andrew plays Harmonica, human rogue

Sarah plays Nazrune, human wizard

Jeff plays Begone, human druid

Jen plays Vana, tiefling bard

Shane plays Zene, wood elf cleric