Brave the Darkness! Monsters of the Underworld is the next book in our 5E Monster Series. The Kickstarter launches April 23rd.




First there was Feyland… Now we descend into the depths!

Monsters of the Underworld is coming to Kickstarter on April 23rd. The second book in our 5E Monster Series.

100-110 new monsters, Fully-illustrated by Travis Hanson with color illustrations of each monster, individual stat blocks and bios, encounter tables, race information, location tables, events tables, GM tips, and more.

Stretch goals include: a hardcover version, more monsters, custom-made d20s, underground maps, and more art!




The first book in the series was Monsters of Feyland:


West of the Wood 5E Podcasts: Everybody Knows


E5/With heavy hearts, the party say their goodbyes to the fallen Yolanda. Then they get on with the immediate concern of a shapechanger hiding in the village of Lakeside.
They soon learn there are two shapechangers and eventually slay a sea hag. However, Callie Robinson, escapes yet again. The heroes track her to the nearby settlement of Emery.

DM Andrew
The heroes are:

Jeff plays Xander, human artificer

Jen plays Westra, human fighter

Shane plays Orello, goliath fighter


West of the Wood 5E Podcasts: Dragon Heist



Dragon Heist #9

E9/Our heroes delved deeper into Undermountain and fight through a horde of bizarre monsters including rust monsters, nothics, mezzaloths, and gibbering mouthers. There are signs everywhere that dwarves used to live in the Undermountain. The dungeon is seemingly endless and filled with numerous traps.

DM Jay
The heroes are:

Andrew plays Harmonica, human rogue

Sarah plays Nazrune, human wizard

Shane plays Zene, wood elf cleric

Jeff plays Begone, human druid

Jen plays Vana, tiefling bard