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Give your players the loot they deserve! Treasured Finds is an organized collection of all 5E treasure!

There is a lot of great loot in 5th Edition, now we’ve organized it for you! You’ll save hours and hours of time…

Treasured Finds at the DMs Guild

Review by DeathbyMage

Review by Sebs

Treasured Finds Cover

treasured contents

how to use handbook

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NPC guardians

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West of the Wood 5E Podcasts: Chronicles of Nox


Chronicles of Nox/ Episode 32

E32/The Chronicles of Nox concludes as the heroes race against time to reach Oswald’s trove of magic. Not everyone survives the Tower of Horrors.

Adventure largely based on the Tomb of Horrors by Gary Gygax

DM Andrew
The players are:
Jeff plays Mamoa, triton warlock
Jen plays Callie, halfling sorcerer
Sarah plays Pyewacket, gnome rogue
Shane plays Astrid, gnome wizard