A11 The City of Magic / A12 Citadel of Aramoor


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Two 5E adventures in one!

After killing the head vampire of the Von Bladen noble family, our heroes make a run for it. The party flee the city of Bladen on a stolen warship! Then they attempt to meet up with an associate of the Inner Sons in the city of Nox. However, the Alliance are on their trail and attempt to intercept them! Later the heroes explore the city of Magic and make their way to the Citadel of Aramoor. An important clue lies hidden in the home of the Wizard College.

For characters levels 15-16. This continues the Adventures in Myrr!

A 69-page double adventure set in the World of Myrr.

  • Unique NPCs
  • New Monsters
  • Encounter tables and monster lists
  • Beautiful art from Travis Hanson and Brandon Chang
  • Traps and Treasure


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