A15 The Hell Gate / A16 Dis Pater’s Palace


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Two 5E adventures in one!

Our heroes have fought against the evil Alliance for a long time. Now they face the upper leadership of their evil foes. After finding the Illuminai weapons and the location of the Hell Gate, the epic journey continues. The party must reach the Hell Gate and find a way to close it. After a trek through the snowy Mountains of the Sky, the heroes find they must close the gate from the other side. They must travel into Hell!

For characters levels 19-20. This is the conclusion to the Adventures in Myrr!

A 37-page double adventure set in the World of Myrr.

  • Unique NPCs, including Queen Danara Bane, Lord Balthazar Damos, and the devil Dis Pater
  • Encounter tables and monster list
  • Beautiful art from Travis Hanson, Brandon Chang, John Latta
  • Traps and Treasure


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