The World of Myrr (MEER) was inspired by the classic fantasy RPG settings. Naern is the third of nine continents in the World of Myrr.

Naern is where the elves crossed over from Feyland…

The high elves dominate the continent and their powerful Kingdom of Suhn has existed for thousands of years. Halflings and gnomes have lived peacefully in the south for years. However, an evil halfling general has been corrupted by demons and is about to start a war! An even more dangerous foe is lurking in the shadows to the north…

The 116-page book (PDF) includes:

  • Several detailed settlements (villages, towns, and cities)
  • Unique lore about the elves, fey, halflings, gnomes, goblins, orcs, and more…
  • Adventure hooks
  • A high quality GM map, Player map, and full World of Myrr map
  • Detailed geographic features
  • New monsters
  • A unique pantheon with multiple deities
  • Numerous factions
  • Encounter tables
  • Monster lists, organized by CR
  • List of detailed inns and taverns
  • Tavern menu list


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