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Monsters of the Dungeon is now available for pre-order!

Our 6th and last book in the bestselling Monsters series! 124 new monsters in 7 types of dungeons for 5E, PF2, PF1, OSE, and DCC games! Fully-illustrated, color, 300+ quest ideas, magic items, and more! Hardcover, softcover, and PDF versions.

Pre-order here: https://monsters-of-the-dungeon-for-5th-edition-and-other-rpgs.backerkit.com/hosted_preorders

DM Handbooks

We make practical and inspiring DM handbooks to enhance every game. Find everything you need from monsters to NPCs and all the loot your players can carry.

World of Myrr

Dive into the World of Myrr and it’s nine continents. Peace is threatened and it’s up to you to help. In Myrr you will find adventure like you’ve never seen before!


Adventures to fit every adventuring party no matter the level. Your party can seek wonders and riches in the World of Myrr or the Forgotten Realms.

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