Monsters of Feyland book

Coming soon to DriveThruRPG! Including PDF, softcover, and hardcover versions!

Cawood Publishing has made a new full-color, 5E monster collection! Packed with 100 monsters, each illustrated by Travis Hanson.

Thanks to all our Kickstarter backers for making this possible.

PDFs of the book mailed to backers on November 22nd, 2018. All but 29 of the hardcover books had been delivered by Dec 21st. The rest should arrive the following week.

Kickstarter page


Promo video

March 14th- Live AMA on Kickstarter coming soon. Your chance to give feedback on the monster creation process. Two more of the monsters will also be revealed over the next month!

March 17th- 32% funded! Four days in! Check out our Twitter poll to choose the newest monster:

March 18th- 35% funded! Reached our first 100 backers! At 105 right now. Skeleton King is winning on the poll for the next monster. Check out our Twitter page to vote during the final day! Another monster poll coming during the Kickstarter as well.

March 20th- 37% funded! The people have spoken! Our next monster will be the Skeleton King. Vote on Twitter today for the type of skeleton king you want!

March 21st- 41% funded! Here is the newest Monster of Feyland, the Skeleton King! Inked version coming tomorrow. All by our artist for the project, Travis Hanson.


March 22nd- 43% funded! The project is mentioned in this EN World article:


March 25th- 47% funded! Here is the newest Monster of Feyland! The final version of the Skeleton King!


New poll on Twitter for the next monster:

We’re going to talk to the Fantasy Grounds folks on Tuesday and Nerdarchy on April 10th. Keep spreading the word!

March 26th- 53% funded! The Twitter 5E community has chosen the Frog Witch as the next monster! We’ll get to work on that illustration and finish up the stat block for the Skeleton King.

In the meantime, we’ll be on the ‘All Things Fantasy Grounds Talk Show’ tomorrow with Rob Twohy at 600pm PST We’ll talk about the Monsters of Feyland Kickstarter. We’ll also talk about Fantasy Grounds and Kickstarting in general. Join us…we will be giving away prizes!

We’ll also be on Nerdarchy April 10th at 900am PST.

March 29th- 57% funded! 16 days left! Here’s the newest monster, the Frog Witch. Chosen by the 5E Twitter community.


April 2nd- 62% funded! Join us LIVE on Kickstarter for an AMA tomorrow! 1700 PST You’ll get a chance to help in the monster creation process for the 100 monsters going in the book.

April 5th- 72% funded! We’re getting closer with 9 days to go! Spread the word! We can do this! Thanks to those who joined our LIVE AMA on Kickstarter. Here’s the replay: Live AMA/Monster Creation Party

It was good to hear a lot of interesting ideas for monsters for the book. Here are the latest illustrations by Travis Hanson for the Frog Witch.



April 7th- 86% funded!

Just over a week to go! We’re getting closer! Over 230 backers now! We have one more monster to reveal for the backing phase next week. Stat blocks for the frog witch, skeleton king, and the new monster will be released soon.

The talented miniatures painter, Michael Mordor, is making a diorama based on the book cover. Monsters of Feyland Diorama by Michael Mordor


We’ll also be on Nerdarchy on Tuesday at 0900 EST talking about the Kickstarter. We’ll get the link shortly. They broadcast live across a number of platforms.

April 10th- 99% funded! 3 days left! Here is the newest monster, the Fey Dragon! Inked and color versions to come.


April 11th- 106% funded! Less than 70 hours to go! Time to get those stretch goals!


April 12th- 117% funded! All stretch goals unlocked! Less than 48 hours to go!

Stretch goals include a custom-made d20 for everyone who gets the hardcover book. Made by Q-workshop. Two versions:

andrew_cawood d20_2

andrew_cawood d20_1

April 14th- Funded! Thank you backers! Hardcover monster book, adventure, campaign setting, dice, and more!

April 30th- Backerkit Surveys sent out! Includes add-ons! Pre-orders available as well!

Oct 25th- Printing to begin!

Nov 21st- Received printed books.

Nov 22nd- Mailed PDFs to Kickstarter backers and hardcover books mailed out.

Dec 21st- Most of the hardcover books have been delivered. 29 still to arrive (most of these were mailed to the U.K. and Europe on Nov 26th).