Kickstarter Updates

We are making 6 5E adventures, a world map, and an NPC handbook.

September 15th Update: Current Kickstarter is 41% funded with 25 days to go!

September 18th Update: 44% funded after the first week.

September 20th Update: 51% funded after the first ten days. Working on NPCs for the handbook right now.

September 22nd Update: 74% funded with 19 days to go.

September 25th Update: 83% funded at the halfway point. NPC handbook 95 pages at this point.

September 30th Update: 98% funded. AMA on Kickstarter Live Wednesday 1700-1800 PST. New article about the project on EN World: EN World article

October 2nd Update: 109% funded! 9 days to go! AMA on Kickstarter Live Wednesday 1700-1800 PST.

Oct 9th: 107% funded! Less than 60 hours to go!

Oct 11th: 110% funded! Less than 24 hours to go!

Oct 12th: FUNDED! More updates to come. Thank you to all the backers!

Oct 17th: It will be a few days to confirm the backer amount, Kickstarter holds the money for a week or so. However, we’re hard at work. The details for the art are being sent to the three artists. The module templates are done and work on the maps should begin shortly. We’re getting some extra help with the maps this time which should improve the quality. The handbook is filling up quickly, most of the hirelings are done. Time to work on those evil henchmen!

Good news! Rob Twohy will make a Fantasy Grounds version of the handbook when it is sold on DriveThruRpg (early in 2018).

Nov 24th: The NPC book has been sent to be formatted. Right now it is 111 pages, 50,000 words, and has 166 NPCs. We are now working on the six adventures. Our cartographer, Philip Stephen, is hard at work finishing the world map. The surveys for mailing information have also been sent out.

Jan 10th: The proofs for the NPC book are ready. We should be able to pick those up in the States this week and then it should be a couple of weeks to finish the printing. The shirts have arrived in Vancouver, but haven’t arrived here yet. Everything else but the adventures are finished. Working on the adventures and that’s the focus to try and get everything done by the end of the month.

Jan 15th: Picked up the proofs. Here are some photos of the NPC book: