Cawood Publishing is an Indie RPG company based in Vancouver, Canada. We make adventures, handbooks, and campaign settings for 5E. Our first product was the World of Myrr 5e campaign setting. Cawood Publishing’s goal is to make practical, inspiring products. Two campaign setting books,  two Game Master’s handbooks, a poster size map, eight adventure modules, and a bundle of products are available at DriveThruRpg. We also have fifteen products available at the DMs Guild including: three adventure modules, eight Dungeon Master’s handbooks, and two bundles of handbooks.

Head Writer: Andrew Cawood. Born in South Africa, he has lived most of his life in Canada. Andrew currently lives with his wife and daughter in Vancouver, Canada. He began playing Dungeons and Dragons in 1978 and has been a Dungeon Master since 1982. For the last twenty years he has also been a storyteller, teacher, and counsellor.

Our products include:

The 300 page World of Myrr 5E campaign setting is available at DriveThruRpg:


The Hirelings and Henchmen NPC collection (levels 1-6) at DriveThruRpg:


The Friends and Foes I NPC collection (levels 7-12) at the DMs Guild:


The Between Dungeons Handbook at DriveThruRpg:


B1 The Rogue Knight (5E adventure for levels 1-3)


B2 The Wizard Higgs (5E adventure for levels 10-12)


The Dungeon Master’s Handbook at the DMs Guild:


The Dungeon Master’s Handbook II at the DMs Guild


The Stores Handbook at the DMs Guild


The Inns and Taverns Handbook at the DMs Guild


The Travelers’ Handbook at the DMs Guild


The people who worked with us so far include:

Illustrators – Travis Hanson, Alex Walton, Brandon Chang, John Latta, and Mark Adelhoch

Layout – Catharine Chen and Jeff Porter

Graphic artists – Jeff Porter and Riss Wiebe

Cartographer – Philip Stephen

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Kevin Pomeroy

    Are there any plans in the near future to convert Myrr resources to Fantasy Grounds in the near future? I bought the Myrr campaign setting and the early modules and since then I’ve been using FG and would love to have everything within Fantasy Grounds. I don’t have some of your other resources, but having additional tables to use within the FG platform would be amazing and a major incentive for me to purchase more Myrr products.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Kevin, Yes two long-term projects are to get all the Myrr products available for print-on-demand and converted to FG. In order to convert to FG, we are improving several of our smaller maps. To allow for print-on-demand we have to convert to Indesign and we’re looking into that. We do have two FG products; http://www.dmsguild.com/product/222182/Between-Adventures-Handbook-Fantasy-Grounds?src=newest_in_dmg&coverSizeTest=true and http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/224957/Between-Dungeons-Handbook-Fantasy-Grounds?term=between+dungeon&test_epoch=0

      Thanks for your interest. We also have a very active FB page you could join, just search ‘The World of Myrr’ on Facebook.

      Andrew Cawood
      Cawood Publishing


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