Cawood Publishing (‘K-wood’) is a heroic RPG company based in Vancouver, Canada. We’ve made over 30 bestselling 5E products. Our goal is to make practical, inspiring products.

Creative Director/Head Designer/Project Manager/Editor: Andrew Cawood. Born in South Africa, he has lived most of his life in Canada. He began playing Dungeons and Dragons in 1979. For the last twenty years, he has been a storyteller, teacher, manager, and counsellor. Andrew lives with his wife and daughter in Vancouver, Canada.

Other contributors include:

Illustrators – Travis Hanson, Brandon Chang, John Latta

Graphic Designers – Gordon McAlpin, Catherine Chen

Assistant Editor – Sarah Bagshaw

Cartographers – Philip Stephen, Kate Crashed

Playtesters – The West of the Wood group; Sarah Bagshaw, Jay Pardy, Jeff Porter, Shane Birley, and Jennifer Newman

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  1. Are there any plans in the near future to convert Myrr resources to Fantasy Grounds in the near future? I bought the Myrr campaign setting and the early modules and since then I’ve been using FG and would love to have everything within Fantasy Grounds. I don’t have some of your other resources, but having additional tables to use within the FG platform would be amazing and a major incentive for me to purchase more Myrr products.

    1. Hey Kevin, Yes two long-term projects are to get all the Myrr products available for print-on-demand and converted to FG. In order to convert to FG, we are improving several of our smaller maps. To allow for print-on-demand we have to convert to Indesign and we’re looking into that. We do have two FG products; http://www.dmsguild.com/product/222182/Between-Adventures-Handbook-Fantasy-Grounds?src=newest_in_dmg&coverSizeTest=true and http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/224957/Between-Dungeons-Handbook-Fantasy-Grounds?term=between+dungeon&test_epoch=0

      Thanks for your interest. We also have a very active FB page you could join, just search ‘The World of Myrr’ on Facebook.

      Andrew Cawood
      Cawood Publishing

  2. I am very interested, but I have a couple of questions before I purchase. First, I see only three of the nine continents. When will you release the others? And can these be printed? A printed copy will be easier for me to use.

    1. They can be printed. We should have at least two more continent books done this year, maybe three. However, each continent book is big enough to run many campaigns in. Our weekly group has been playing on the continent of Myrr for over four years and hasn’t come close to finishing with it. And that’s the smallest continent!

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