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Surprise your players with new monsters! Monsters of the Dungeon is funded on Kickstarter! Pre-orders to open soon!

Brave the darkness! We return to the heart of the game with a new monster book! Monsters of the Dungeon: Brave the Darkness is the sixth book in our bestselling Monsters series for 5E. 

Monsters of the Dungeon for 5th Edition and other RPGs by Cawood Publishing —

Your players will never know what hit them! Monsters of the Dungeon: Brave the Darkness will have up to 120 new monsters and 160-175 pages. You get a color illustration of each monster, stat block, bio, and much more! There will be seven chapters detailing seven types of dungeons: Arcane, Castle, Manor, Thieves’ Guild, Tomb, Wilderness, and Mountain. Each chapter will have an encounters table, an events table, and a locations table. There will also be over 300 quest ideas and many magic items throughout the book. Also includes a Shard Tabletop VTT version of the book!

There are Stretch Goals to add additional monsters, an illustrated traps section, seven dungeon maps by Travis Hanson, and more!

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