Hirelings and Henchmen




A 114-page Game Master’s guide packed with 166 NPCs

At the heart of every adventure are unforgettable characters! This collection of NPCs includes hirelings to aid the heroes and henchmen to oppose them. Each NPC has their own stat block and background information. More than twenty monster NPCs are included, such as drow, lycanthropes, ogres, rakshasas, and vampires. These fascinating characters will add depth to any RPG fantasy world.

The 114-page book includes:

  • 166 NPCs
  • 72 Good and Neutral NPCs (Hirelings) for every class, levels 1-6
  • 72 Evil NPCs (Henchmen) for every class, levels 1-6
  • 22 monster NPCs including drow, lycanthropes, ogres, rakshasas, vampire spawn, and vampires.
  • NPC tables to build your own NPCs
  • All the characters can be used as pre-generated characters


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