Monsters of Feyland 2




Cawood Publishing presents Monsters of Feyland 2: The Well of Dreams for 5th Edition! Over 115 new monsters plus resources to run a Feyland campaign. The fifth book in our bestselling Monsters series!

*This is a PDF, hardcover and softcover versions of the book are available here:

Feyland just got a lot stranger! Here’s our companion book to Monsters of Feyland.

The Well of Dreams has been corrupted and war has broken out between the Seelie and Unseelie courts. From the Never Dragon to the Darkshroom, from the Root of All Evil to Cherry Bomb…your game will never be the same!

Illustrations by Travis Hanson

This 156-page full-color book includes:

  •  Feyland lore
  •  Maps of Feyland and all seven regions
  •  The War for Feyland, including detailed stats for the opposing sides
  •  The Well of Dreams
  •  Fey bargains, contracts, and consequences
  •  Game Master advice
  •  Adventure hooks
  •  117 new 5E monsters with individual illustrations, stat blocks, and bios
  •  fey, dragons, aberrations, constructs, undead, monstrosities, elementals, plants, humanoids, and beasts.
  •  7 different Feyland regions; Everwood, Sugarwind Mountains, the Great Tree, Whims Town, Lush Wild, the Darklands, and the Ivory Tower.
  •  CRs 1/8 to 20
  •  Encounters and events tables
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