West of the Wood 5E Podcasts: Chronicles of Nox/Episode 11



Chronicles of Nox/Episode 11

Surprises abound!

The Forsaken find themselves trapped in the dungeon of Castle Rathbone. They have to fight hobgoblins, a helmed horror, and demon-worshiping cultists to escape. Our heroes also rescue a young woman with no memory of her past.

After meeting with Quarios, the party decide their next move. They buy supplies and leave the young woman with their patron. Quarios sends them on another mission to Naern with Gabby Pollywoggle. The high elf says he believes he has located the most prized of all of Oswald Myrr’s artifacts, the Staff of Power. After arriving in Naern, the party mount magical horses and ride into a nearby forest. Once there they discover Oswald’s manor, protected by a few enchantments.

The real surprises begin to roll forth when the Forsaken find the legendary Oswald Myrr. He warns them that they must find the staff before the enemy. Then a contingent of orcs and orc shamans show up and kidnap the wizard with magic. As the party mounts up to follow the horde of humanoids, a massive object appears in the sky and blocks out the sun. Our heroes look skyward in wonder as a loud humming sound fills their ears.

DM Andrew

The Curious Company are:
Joshua plays Sullivan, the halfling bard
Sarah plays Olcan, the dragonborn cleric
Stephen plays Kilvar, the dwarf cavalier

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