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West of the Wood 5E Podcasts: Dragonfly/Episode 29



Dragonfly – Episode 29/ The new year, 567 MY, has begun. The heroes decide to leave the elf faction alone as they continue with their invasion. Instead, the party heads west to deal with the witch king, Seveer!

Soon after leaving the town of Rocken, a witch and her adult blue dragon attack. (Part of the dragon fight was lost due to an issue with the recorder) The party barely survives and continues on to the village of Balthos. However, they find wanted posters for them posted everywhere! After disguising themselves, the heroes leave and go to Hommel.

DM Andrew
The Forsaken are:

Shane plays Fuag, half-orc barbarian
Jeff plays Adoy, gnome mystic
Jen plays Miri, high elf rogue

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