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Announcing the Friends and Foes NPC Collection! 200 unique characters for your game!

Cawood Publishing presents Friends and Foes! A 215-page collection of 200 NPCs (levels 1-6)! From the makers of over 30 bestselling 5E products.

This huge collection of NPCs includes friends to aid the heroes and foes to oppose them! Each NPC has its own stat block, background information, and equipment/treasure. Sub-classes and spells from Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, and races from Volo’s Guide to Monsters are also included. More than 50 NPC monsters are included: such as dragons, drow, gith, hags, kuo-toa, lycanthropes, sahuagin, and yuan-ti.
The 215-page book includes:

  • 200 NPCs
  • 72 Good and Neutral NPCs
  • 72 Evil NPCs
  • 56 Monster NPCs
  • Tables to build your own NPCs

*All the characters could be used as pre-generated PCs

Written by Andrew Cawood

Cover Art by Travis Hanson

Layout by Catherine Chen

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