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West of the Wood 5E Podcasts: The Chronicles of Nox/Episode 6


Chronicles of Nox – Episode 6/ Our heroes find themselves back on the continent of Naern heading towards the elf kingdom of Sian. They want to warn the elves about the halfling general. Suddenly, a herd of evil centaurs charge them. However, the Riftgate pulls them back to the continent of Myrr and city of Nox. Once home the party are given a new quest by their patron, Quarios Malakiir. He asks them to investigate Oswald Myrr’s former home. After the party enjoy some interesting downtime adventures (including Sullivan shrinking to less than 2ft. tall and riding on Zug the faerie dragon through the snowy city!) they head to the old Nox Manor. Inside the abandoned home they discover a shocking secret!!!

DM Andrew
The Curious Company are:
Joshua plays Sullivan – halfling bard
Sarah plays Olcan – dragonborn cleric
Jeff plays Carvios – kenku wizard


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