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West of the Wood 5E Podcasts: The Chronicles of Nox/Episode 7


Chronicles of Nox – Episode 7/ After discovering a shocking secret the party found themselves in Nox Manor, the former residence of Oswald Myrr. Brihalla also found her way to the mansion thanks to Quarios Malakiir. Then the party met Caden the caretaker and ended up trapped inside the building for a while. Later they returned to Malakiir Manor for the payment from their patron. Our heroes gave Quarios the magic they had found in the manor and all received a magical boon.

Brihalla and the halflings headed out for some carousing in the city while the other two rested at the inn. The tiefling lost her gear and they all got very drunk. Late at night the party reassembled and headed to the Temple of Valden for Olcan’s ceremony. The ritual was nothing like anyone had expected!

The next day the adventurers used the Staff of O and headed through a Riftgate back to Naern. Not long after arriving in a snowy mountain pass, a yeti attacked the party. Somehow Sullivan lost his pants in the epic fight. However, the unlucky halfling saved the day once again!

DM Andrew
The Curious Company are:
Joshua plays Sullivan – halfling bard
Sarah plays Olcan – dragonborn cleric
Jeff plays Carvios – kenku wizard
Shane plays Brihalla – tiefling ranger

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