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West of the Wood 5E Podcasts: Dragonfly/Episode 31


Dragonfly – Episode 31/The party begin the adventure in the monastery of the Zoth Brotherhood. They must fight off monk after monk, and a quartet of nightmares before continuing on their mission to find the Witch King.

Then the adventurers discover a strange black coach. They soon find the coach can transport them anywhere in the Southern Territories. The party head to Laresh, home of the marid Lord Aquos and the Quickblades bandit clan. The village was completely abandoned. Then the Redeemed went to Laresh and found that the Witch King’s spell had wiped it out. It was agreed the party would head North and continue to search for Seveer.

DM Andrew

The Redeemed (formerly the Forsaken) are:

Joshua plays Darrion, human fighter/warlock
Sarah plays Thorn, high elf paladin
Shane plays Fuag, half-orc barbarian


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    1. Thanks, we do have more audio coming. Also have video podcasts on YouTube now:

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