West of the Wood 5E Podcasts: Everybody Knows



Everybody Knows #3 (World of Myrr campaign)

E3/Deep inside a burial mound the party free Callie and search for any signs of a hag. The teen leaves and the adventurers are soon confronted by her mother, Tasha.
Tasha disappears and moments later, a group of bandits attack. After fighting off the attackers, the party head back to Hartley. They discover that Callie is missing and Tasha never left the village. Now they are convinced a shapechanger is at work. The following day the heroes head back into the Wyrmwood and discover a group of orcs in an abandoned village. Many unanswered questions remain…

DM Andrew
The heroes are:

Sarah plays Elmythe, half-elf sorcerer

Jay plays Daisy, human monk

Jeff plays Xander, human artificer

Jen plays Yolanda, human ranger


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