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West of the Wood 5E Podcasts: Chronicles of Nox


Chronicles of Nox/ Episode 23
E23/The conclusion of the first part of the Chronicles of Nox. The Curious Company face-off in a huge battle against Quarios and his men. After defeating their tormentor, the party travel with elf knights, known as the Nuanna, to the elf capital of Wynn.

ass through the bizarre manor once owned by the legendary wizard Oswald Myrr.
However, Voth troops and frost giants intercept the heroes and a fight ensues. Finally, the heroes make it to Wynn and attempt to stop the Voth invasion.

DM Andrew

The Curious Company is:

Sarah plays Olcan, dragonborn cleric
Jay plays Sullivan, halfling bard
Jeff plays Carvios, kenku wizard
Shane plays Brihalla, tiefling ranger
Jen plays Dalra, dragonborn barbarian

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