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5E Dungeon Master’s Handbook, a bestseller on the DMs Guild

DMH Cover

THE DUNGEON MASTER’S HANDBOOK (Electrum level bestseller on the DMs Guild)

A practical handbook for any Dungeon Master. Want more monsters for your game? Need some helpful tips? Want a number of useful tables to add depth to your adventure? This book contains all of that and more.
The 96 page book includes:

  • Over 50 new monsters
  • Many NPC type monsters including; Anti-Paladin, Apprentice, Bandit Lord, Bounty Hunter, Bounty Hunter Boss, Chief of the Town, Cult Leader, Disciple, Elite Guard, Entertainer, Fortune Teller, Guard Commander, Guild Master, High Priest, Jester, Knight Commander, Master Thief, Merchant, Monk, Monk Superior, Pugilist, Royal Guard, Scout Leader, Slave Lord, Tavern Brawler, and Thief.
  • Over 30 pages of encounter tables and monster lists for several settings including; Castles, Caverns, Cities, Deserts, Dungeons, Forests, the Frozen Lands, Hills, Inns and Taverns, Jungles, Lakes, Manors, Mountains, Oceans, Rivers, Swamps, Towns, the Underdark.
  • 30 Dungeon Master tips
  • Critical Hit and Miss Tables (including tables for spell attacks)
  • An alternate Wild Magic Surge table
  • New magic items
  • Chase tables
  • Random items tables
  • NPC stats

Detailed Preview:

Opening pages

DMH Intro One

Example of one of the monster lists

DMH Intro Three

New monsters examples

DMH Intro Four

Example of chase tables

DMH Intro Five



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