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The new Travelers’ Handbook is available on the DMs Guild. Preview below.

The Travelers’ Handbook from Cawood Publishing (makers of the popular Dungeon Master’s Handbook found on the DMs Guild). This 80 page book is the fourth handbook we’ve published on the Guild.

Between exploring dungeons and fighting dragons, the heroes are on the move. Want information about the mechanics of traveling? Want to use some unique mounts? Need individual horses for the party members? Looking for many useful tables to help with the traveling aspect of adventures? All this and more can be found in our newest book.

The 80 page book includes:

  • Basic travel information/mechanics
  • Travel equipment table
  • 500 NPC descriptions
  • Hundreds of NPC stats
  • Vehicle tables (Land, Water, Air)
  • Mounts tables (Including a number of unique mounts)
  • Individual horse tables
  • Random events tables
  • Encounter tables and corresponding monster lists
  • Detailed individual treasure and treasure hoard tables

Written by Andrew Cawood

Illustrated by Ethan Myerson

Graphic Design (Maps) by Philip Stephen


Other DMs Guild products from Cawood Publishing:

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The Dungeon Master’s Handbook II

The Inns and Taverns Handbook

A Fifth Edition Campaign Setting from Cawood Publishing can be found at DriveThruRpg – The World of Myrr








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