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Our Inns and Taverns Handbook is now a Copper Bestseller on the DMs Guild

The Inns and Taverns Handbook from Cawood Publishing.

A practical handbook for any Dungeon Master. Choose from over 250 inns and taverns! Want more NPC descriptions and stats? Want encounter tables for each kind of inn and tavern? Want random events tables for inns and taverns? This handbook includes all of that and more…

The 82 page book includes:

  • Stats for over 250 inns and taverns
  • A tavern menu
  • Descriptions of numerous NPCs
  • Random events tables
  • Stats for numerous NPCs
  • Six encounter tables for each kind of inn and tavern (Squalid, Poor, Modest, Comfortable, Wealthy, and Aristocratic)
  • Six corresponding monster lists
  • Chase tables

*A printer-friendly version is available upon download







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