West of the Wood 5E Podcasts: Dragonfly/Episode 39



Dragonfly – Episode #39/ A massive dracolich fights the heroes with Darrion’s evil relatives. The epic encounter occurs around the ghost ship in the middle of Lake Cydros. After the battle the party head to the town of Tallen.
Once there, the party meets the Duchess who rules the settlement. They suggest the town evacuate to the nearby village of Bend. Later, the Redeemed hear rumors about a strange old wizard just outside Tallen.

DM Andrew
The Redeemed are:

Jay plays Darrion, human fighter/warlock

Sarah plays Thorn, high elf paladin

Jeff plays Adoy, gnome mystic

Jen plays Miri, high elf rogue

Shane plays Fuag, half-orc barbarian

West of the Wood 5E Podcasts: Chronicles of Nox/Episode 19



Chronicles of Nox/ Episode 19
Lost in Feyland, the heroes attempt to find the Staff of Power and track down Quarios. The Hatter offers to be their guide if they steal a diamond from the King of the Giants.

The Curious Company fight off Quarios’ warlocks and persuade the giant sentinels to let them enter the giants’ caverns. Once inside, they sneak through and search for the Mountain Lord’s diamond.

DM Andrew

The Curious Company are:

Jay plays Sullivan Strange, halfling bard

Sarah plays Olcan, dragonborn cleric

Jeff plays Carvios, kenku wizard

Jen plays Dalra, dragonborn barbarian



West of the Wood 5E Podcasts: Chronicles of Nox/Episode 18



Chronicles of Nox/ Episode 18
The Curious Company climb the Lost Tower while chasing Quarios and find an entrance into Feyland. This strange world is extremely dangerous and filled with unusual creatures.

Brihalla the ranger continued to find the trail left by the elf traitor and led the party forward. The Curious Company encounter a number of bizarre creatures and eventually find a woman named Laera. She takes them to a nearby village called Namble. However, things turn sour quickly as Laera turns out to be an evil harvest maiden who almost burns down the village. The following day our heroes continue tracking Quarios and come face-to-face with a black unicorn!

DM Andrew
The Curious Company are:
Joshua plays Sullivan Strange, halfling bard

Jeff plays Carvios, kenku wizard

Shane plays Brihalla, tiefling ranger

Jen plays Dalra, dragonborn barbarian

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