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Previews of the World of Myrr campaign book


For sale at DriveThruRgp:

A 371 page Campaign Setting book for use with 5th Edition or other fantasy RPGs


The Table of Contents



History of Myrr

Over 70 settlements


New Monsters

new monster

Detailed maps


Over 300 detailed inns and taverns

taverns and inns

43 pages of encounter tables

encounter table

43 pages of monster lists

monster list







7 thoughts on “Previews of the World of Myrr campaign book

  1. Is the cave hydra meant to resemble an Otyugh? It sounds kind of like that. Do your monsters have art?

    1. It is somewhat similar but it’s mostly an aquatic creature that swims around. It can drag itself a bit with its tentacles, it has no legs like the monster you refer to. The cave hydra can be found in many more locations and the abilities are different. We don’t have the funds to have art made for the monsters but would love to add that later on.

      1. Sounds really cool. I’m hoping to see you get a chance at that. I know that your kickstarter didn’t go the way that you wanted. I’m really hoping to see your setting take off.

      2. Kickstarters are challenging. However, we’re doing pretty well on the DriveThruRpg site right now.

      3. Right on! I know that IndieGogo and a few other places are more forgiving for missing your initial goal.

      4. That’s true. We might consider another try to raise money for more art. So expensive.

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