West of the Wood 5E Podcasts: The Chronicles of Nox/Episode 4


Chronicles of Nox – Episode 4/ The party make their way through the Wizards’ Tomb. Strange monsters block their progress as they attempt to leave the DarkNox and return to the city above. Finally the party get out and return to the Seven Arrows inn. However, the DracoRak, a gang of dragonborn, are brawling with the halflings from the stables. A huge fight erupts. Later, Quarios and a paladin arrive to save the day. Then the group give the two items they retrieved from the tomb to the high elf noble. One of them activates a Riftgate and the party return to the continent of Naern. Once there, the heroes find the halfling village of Eldal and learn of an attack on an elf tree village.

DM Andrew
The party of adventurers:
Joshua plays Sullivan – halfling bard
Sarah plays Olcan – dragonborn cleric
Jeff plays Carvous – kenku wizard
Shane plays Brihalla – tiefling ranger
Keith plays Randir- wood elf fighter
Ana plays Laine – half-elf sorcerer17793412_10158564440640220_1409140265_n

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