West of the Wood 5E Podcasts: The Chronicles of Nox/Episode 5


Chronicles of Nox – Episode 5/ After returning to the continent of Naern to search for more artifacts of Oswald Myrr, the heroes find themselves in a war. A halfling general is sending out scouts and has just wiped out a small elf tree village. The party fight his scouts and wizards, including werebadgers. Later they also deal with some nasty needle blights. In order to rest the party head back to the halfling village of Eldal. Some of the party partake in the Whiteleaf Festival and others just dine and sleep. Sullivan gets together with Bree, the daughter of the village chief. In the morning, Bree decides to leave with the party as they head north. The Curious Company (as they now call themselves) want to warn the high elf kingdom of Sian about the evil halfling general. On their way north the adventurers fight some wolves and find a strange druid with another artifact of Oswald Myrr.

DM Andrew
The Curious Company are:
Joshua plays Sullivan – halfling bard
Sarah plays Olcan – dragonborn cleric
Shane plays Brihalla – tiefling ranger
Keith plays Randir- wood elf fighter



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