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West of the Wood 5E Podcasts: Dragonfly/Episode 17



Dragonfly – Episode 17/ The party began their adventures in the seaside village of Laresh. They had just killed the witch Dax and followed strange tracks into a nearby well.
After exploring the sewers for a while, the party encountered a black pudding. The fight was endless as the heroes didn’t know how to deal with the ooze. Later they discovered huge cauldrons and realized someone was brewing a powerful spell. Eventually the party found Bathilda the witch was in the sewers. They fought the witch bravely but she managed to escape. To their surprise the adventurers found a kraken priest tied up in the witch’s chamber. After exiting the sewers the party found members of Captain Kale’s Pirates and the Rock Ghosts bandit clan boarding a ghost ship.

Then massive waves began to pound the coast and everyone knew the kraken was coming. The Forsaken alerted the guards and saved hundreds of commoners. They found they had a way to escape the sea creature and got onto a friendly bronze dragon. Then the enormous monster arrived. As the visions had shown, the witch king was riding the kraken. But then the unexpected happened…

Seveer unleashed a powerful destructive spell that destroyed Laresh and most of the coast. A dark fog and sickness began to race across the land towards the east. Our heroes flew away on the bronze dragon looking back at the aftermath of the witch king’s spell. They stared at each other in a stunned silence….

DM Andrew

The Forsaken are:

Joshua plays Valkyrie – wood elf barbarian

Sarah plays Thorn – high elf paladin

Jeff plays Adoy – gnome mystic

Shane plays Temdreh – tiefling bard

Jen plays Meri – high elf rogue

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