West of the Wood 5E Podcasts: Dragonfly/Episode 18



Dragonfly – Episode 18/ Flying on the bronze dragon named Dragonfly, the Forsaken head east away from the destruction. The village of Laresh and a whole corner of the Southern Territories had been destroyed by the witch king. A gray fog and darkness are spreading across the ground far below the dragon.
After a brief battle with some shadow birds, a blue dragon bursts from the clouds and attacks. The party urge their dragon to fly for the coast and their smugglers’ den. However, the blue dragon keeps pace and kills Will and Hammish. Finally the heroes reach the coast and the battle continues on board their ship.

Later, the party return to the village of Kay and urge the villagers to come with them and flee the oncoming darkness. Turmoil erupts in the local inn between a drunken high elf and some hill dwarves. Surprisingly, the heroes diffuse the situation. On the way out of their den, the party come face to face with a carrion crawler and then a zombie beholder.

Then the Forsaken led the ragtag group of Kay villagers onto the Dragonfly. The ship sailed east, heading away from the darkness consuming the Southern Territories.


DM Andrew

The Forsaken are:

Joshua plays Valkyrie and Lynne – wood elf barbarian and gensai cleric

Sarah plays Thorn and Jasmine – high elf paladin and human rogue

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