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West of the Wood 5E Podcasts: Dragonfly/Episode 19



Dragonfly – Episode 19/ After fleeing Kay on their ship the Dragonfly, our party head east to warn the other coastal villages. Taking the survivors from their home village, the heroes are eager to escape the darkness sweeping across the land. The first stop is Oren, a tiny, quiet village with a bold female ranger in charge. After the party can’t convince the villagers to evacuate, they decide to seek out the village elders. They uncover much more than they expected.
The next stop is the village of Lucen, high above on cliffs overlooking the Salamar Sea. This visit doesn’t go well after Lynne cannot hold her tongue. The paladin and cleric both contract lycanthropy in a nasty battle.

Later, Lynne and Thorn are both transformed into werewolves after arriving at the village of Freyas. After Lynne tosses Thorn into the ocean, the two werewolves swim towards the beach. Their monster forms are bathed in the moonlight shining on the waves. Fisherfolk stand at the beach unaware of what is happening.

DM Andrew
The Forsaken are:
Joshua plays Valkyrie and Lynne – wood elf barbarian and gensai cleric
Sarah plays Thorn – high elf paladin
Jeff plays Adoy – gnome mystic
Shane plays Temdreh – tiefling bard

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