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West of the Wood 5E Podcasts: Dragonfly/Episode 21



Dragonfly – Episode 21/ The party begins the episode divided. Darrion and Temdreh are on the Grace, a pirate ship, heading south from Balthos. Thorn is on the Dragonfly headed north on the same river. When the two ships meet, emotions boil over!
After the party reunites, they head for the village of Loh. Lynne assumes the villagers must worship his deity Loh. However, she soon learns this is not the case. The Quickblades bandit clan and the Pirate Queens worship a mysterious being. Once in Loh, the party explores the settlement and Thorn meets with the bandit lord, Reeva Rash. The scantily-clad bandit tells the high elf about the mission to attack Stormgryph Castle the following day.
DM Andrew

The Forsaken are:

Joshua plays Lynne and Darrion– gensai cleric and human fighter/warlock

Sarah plays Thorn, high elf paladin
Shane plays Temdreh– tiefling bard

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