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West of the Wood 5E Podcasts: Dragonfly/Episode 22



Dragonfly – Episode 22/ As the morning light arrives the Forsaken and their allies await the Three Suns merchant caravan. The bold adventurers plan to ambush the convoy and gain access to Stormgryph Castle by posing as merchants. They are on a small island off the southeast coast of the Southern Territories.

Floating in the air to the east is a massive castle, positioned on an enormous rock. This fortress serves as the headquarters for the infamous Windriders bandit clan. The bandits travel back-and-forth to the castle on griffons.


DM Andrew

The Forsaken are:

Joshua plays Lynne and Darrion– gensai cleric and human fighter/warlock

Sarah plays Thorn, high elf paladin

Shane plays Temdreh, tiefling bard

Jeff plays Adoy, gnome mystic

Jen plays Meri, high elf rogue


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