West of the Wood 5E Podcasts: Everybody Knows





Everybody Knows #1

E1/A new story begins with a group of adventurers hired by the leader of a small village. He’s worried about strange events in his settlement. Our heroes soon discover odd events and strange behaviours are indeed happening. They begin to explore the village and eventually venture into the Wyrmwood as well.

DM Andrew

The heroes are:
Sarah plays Elmythe, half-elf sorcerer

Jay plays Daisy, human monk

Jeff plays Xander, human artificer

Jen plays Yolanda, human ranger

Shane plays Orello, goliath fighter


West of the Wood 5E Podcasts: Chronicles of Nox/Episode 13


Chronicles of Nox/Episode 13

Stranded on the continent of Voth! The party have no food and have no idea where they are. After crossing a frozen lake, they arrive at a small Voth settlement. They hear rumors of mysterious ruins nearby.

After buying supplies, the heroes head towards Eagle Base. A location they know has more airships. However, on the way, they encounter the ancient Voth ruins. Numerous surprises are uncovered!

Later, the party finally reaches Eagle Base and hide aboard an airship heading to Yarin, a large settlement to the south. However, a blizzard hits and a massive axe emerges through the snow…almost destroying their vessel!

DM Andrew

The Curious Company are:

Joshua plays Sullivan, the halfling bard (and the NPCSaivara)

Sarah plays Olcan, the dragonborn cleric (and the NPC Bree)


West of the Wood 5E Podcasts: Dragonfly/Episode 21



Dragonfly – Episode 21/ The party begins the episode divided. Darrion and Temdreh are on the Grace, a pirate ship, heading south from Balthos. Thorn is on the Dragonfly headed north on the same river. When the two ships meet, emotions boil over!
After the party reunites, they head for the village of Loh. Lynne assumes the villagers must worship his deity Loh. However, she soon learns this is not the case. The Quickblades bandit clan and the Pirate Queens worship a mysterious being. Once in Loh, the party explores the settlement and Thorn meets with the bandit lord, Reeva Rash. The scantily-clad bandit tells the high elf about the mission to attack Stormgryph Castle the following day.
DM Andrew

The Forsaken are:

Joshua plays Lynne and Darrion– gensai cleric and human fighter/warlock

Sarah plays Thorn, high elf paladin
Shane plays Temdreh– tiefling bard

West of the Wood/Storm King’s Thunder Episode 5

This is the second recording of our Sunday night D&D group. This time Joshua steps in as the guest DM and runs Storm King’s Thunder.


The characters in Joshua’s Forgotten Realms campaign include; Vaelarian Galinai/half-elf paladin (Andrew), Dark/duergar ranger (Sarah), Tattoa/dragonborn barbarian (Jeff), Andar Greenbottle/halfling fighter (Shane), Lili Knackle/gnome bard (Keith), and Alphaba/dragonborn sorcerer (Ana). It is a 7th level party.

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