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The Dungeon Master’s Handbook II is now available on the DMs Guild

The Dungeon Master’s Handbook II from Cawood Publishing (makers of the Dungeon Master’s Handbook and the World of Myrr campaign setting)

Available on the DMs Guild

Another practical handbook for any Dungeon Master. Need more monsters? Need useful NPC monsters? Want easy-to-use treasure tables? Need more encounter tables? This book contains all of that and more.

The 94 page book includes:

  • Over 40 new monsters
  • Many NPC type monsters including; Archer, Arch Priest, Charlatan, Guide, Gypsy King/Queen, Holy Avenger, Hound Master, King/Queen, Mage Slayer, Mariner, Master Bard, Master Spy, Mercenary, Mounted Soldier, Mystic, Necromancer, Ragemaster, Sage, Sentinel, Squire, Steward, Urchin, Witch Hunter, Witch King/Queen
  • Over 30 pages of encounter tables and corresponding monster lists including; Aerial Encounters, Bridges, Fields, Houses, Planar Travel, Roads, Royal Courts, Ruins, Sea Caves, Temples, Tombs, Undersea Encounters, and Wizard Towers
  • Encounter tables and monster lists for the Curse of Strahd
  • Easy-to-use individual treasure and treasure hoard tables
  • Several advanced DM tips
  • A number of exciting chase tables
  • A table of useful NPC stats


Preview pages:




chase table




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Our World of Myrr products are now available on the Tabletop Library


Myrr GMG Cover

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Campaign setting booklet coming in January 2016

Thanks to the Kickstarter backers who pledged about $1000. The booklet should be completed in mid January. More info to come.

Download a free intro package

Click to access there-teaser.pdf